Friday, September 14, 2007

Victory 5k

today was a good day. harold and i ran our first race together. the McElwain Baptist Church Victory 5k. the weather was a perfect 70-75 degrees with a light wind. here's the sun coming up as we left the house. he's been running to keep in shape for the reserves and was quite confident getting started. i, however, have not been running therefore making me NOT as confident in completing the race. but, we did it. 32 minutes and 53 seconds. that averages to be a 11 minute mile. not so bad for a couple of newbies.

funny thing is we trailed a 6 year old boy the whole time. he was running the 5k with his dad. such a sweet thing. maybe harold will have another running partner one day. then again, i do kinda like getting race t-shirt. well, gotta run :) (pun intended)

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Anonymous said...

Very impressive! Way to take the callenge Heather. I can't wait till there is a little one of ya'll running around... DeDe