Monday, November 5, 2007

The Three Goblins...

We have a Princess, a Robot & a Ghost.
Not surprised at the Diva Maggie's choice of attire.
Max's costume is just perfect.
He wins the cutest costume contest by a long shot.
And for the Ghost...What is there not to love?
p.s. Harold ate so much candy he made himself sick. No kidding.
He said he just had 'Sympathy Morning Sickness'. rrriiiigggghhhtttt.


jennyhope said...

r u serious? will you and harold be getting a van? LOLdid you get the nausea med?

jennyhope said...

please come over and vote on my poll. i was not at bible study last night i have been sick so i had to get rod to drive me to drop off the dvd. :0)