Monday, November 19, 2007


Today we went for our second appointment. Our doctor was stuck in surgery so after a long wait another doctor on her team came to see us. He tried to find the heartbeat with the Doppler but couldn't get a good spot to really hear it. We all thought we heard it once but he couldn't find that sweet spot again. He said not to be worried at all...10 weeks was a little early and all others signs were great. So....we'll be back on Dec. 22nd and hopefully we'll get an early Christmas present :)

On a completely different note...I finished the Holiday photo shoot for Hollywood Baby last week and got the pics uploaded. Here they are Of course I had to use Maggie, Max & Walker as models. I mean really...are there cuter kids???? (well besides the one in utero...hee hee)


jennyhope said...

I will so be praying for you!!! Also, it is hard to hear at 10 weeks they generally wait until 12. Let me know.

Anonymous said...

They have to try real low, embarassingly low. I vote for you to call them next week and ask for another try.. You will cry your head off when you hear that heartbeat for the first time. DeDe