Monday, December 31, 2007

some fun stuff...

Well I am officially in maternity pants now. I can still wear lots of my tops but my waistbands have gone elastic and to be quite honest I am loving them :) So here's my first maternity purchase. My sweet boss at Hollywood Baby gave me a gift certificate to Pickles & Ice Cream so I got these jeans and top. Thank you Stacy!

Harold and I went after Christmas shopping and found some some great stuff. It was so fun to think about the baby being here next Christmas and dreaming of all the ways we could decorate to make it fun for them (and us). We found some of the cutest stockings at Pottery Barn Kids and decided that we better get 4...Yes we only have 1 on the way, but hopefully another will follow soon after :)
And lastly...the M&M;'s. Harold has got a slight addiction to Peanut M&M;'s. Last year his mom gave him a 5lb bag for Christmas and they were gone by New Year's. Not kidding. So this year, he decided it would be a good idea for me to divide them up into individual servings and hide them. He gets one bag a day. No more. And yes, he is 35!


jennyhope said...

LOL!! You look so cute. You actually look like you have lost weight in your face. Are you still sick? Loving the pics. I cant get my camera to upload on my!! I am a candy-a-holic!! you know all about it with my skittles and all!!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious!!! I love it...Harold is such a chocoholic!