Saturday, January 26, 2008

Half Way Home....

I'll be 20 weeks on Monday. Wow! I can't believe we're half way there. I say it again...this time is flying by. I'm feeling good and obviously growing good! I've started to feel her just about every day. It's just little flutters right now but I can't wait until Harold will be able to feel her as well. I always ask him "Don't you wish you could feel her?" and he replies "Oh, I'm good sweetie." Translation: You just keep doing what you doing and I just keeping enjoying the process from over here! :) So here ya go...20 weeks along :)

We are so excited! We've bought her crib, found a changing chest that we'll pick up next week and today we're going to register and look for a glider and lamp table. And yesterday, I bought Georgia her first pair of shoes.
Not your typical newborn girl shoes...But I have a feeling she won't be a typical kinda girl ;)

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Ashley Crowley said...

=]aww. she is just going to be
i cant wait to see pictures of her.♥
LOVE the shoes too.

-Ashley Crowley