Saturday, February 9, 2008

22 Weeks & A Surprise

Tomorrow, I will be 22 weeks. Still feeling great. It's getting a little hard to get comfortable sleeping but as most of you know, as soon as I'm out...I'm out! I sure hope Georgia has the same sleep patterns as me. So here's the progress:
And speaking of baby...Harold felt her kick for the first time today. She's been EXTREMELY active the past couple of days and today he felt her. Last week at church she was moving the whole time...I thought it was the music, maybe even the preaching, whatever the case, it was sweet. But once again at church today, she started right back up when the music did so I'm convinced that she is having her own 'service' in utero. Of all the things I pray for each day, my request is that God would call her to Himself and she would find her salvation in Christ. Maybe all that commotion in there is a good sign, huh :) Sunday is our favorite day too, baby girl.


Sherry said...

Girl, could you please get a belly!!!!??? I can't wait to hold that baby!! I love you, GG! She sounds like Lily. Every time that Buddy started talking, she would go nuts. He told us we should name her buddette!! Haha!

DeDeandMatt said...

oh I love to hear this..Georgia sweet baby girl, Avery loved the music at church and especially when that man would pound on that big big drum. Avery also jams out to Waterdeep and even jammed out on her way to the hospital to be born. We love you!