Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Soon to be Nursery...

Well, I've got the fabric picked out and ordered for the nursery. My mom is going to sew most of the bedding and my sweet friend Haley is going to help with the painting & other decor. We are clearing out the guest room now and moving it into what is now my office. We bought a smaller desk and will keep the computer up in the guest bedroom but everything else has to go. So here's the before picture of Georgia's soon to be room:
I would post pictures of the fabric but I want to surprise you :) Her room is sure to be quite the hangout. I keep telling her that she might just have to room with her daddy and let me live in her room. As we make progress, I'll post more. We should have everything cleared out by next week and start with the painting. Wish us luck:)

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