Saturday, March 29, 2008

We had our 'Planning for

We had our 'Planning for Parenthood' classes this weekend. Lots of good information but just about everything they covered I've googled in the last months on my own. Nevertheless, it was good for Harold in a lot of ways. My favorite being the Empathy Belly...

This CRACKS me up!!!!!!!! This 'belly' weighs 25lbs. Harold swore it weighed twice that but it didn't. He even laid down on the ground and pretended to toss and turn in the bed so that he could sympathize with my nightly struggle for comfort. What a man, huh. After about 7 minutes he was ready to take it off. I can relate. Then, he had to practice diapering and swaddling.

Having 3 nieces & nephews, I've gotten some practice over the years but Harold Goss has never changed a diaper before. This should be interesting. If anyone is at a loss for gift ideas for us, a bulk size of Shout would probably be great as I have a feeling there might be some leaky diapers when Daddy is in charge.

Oh and there is one thing that I took away from the classes.... 10 cm in NOT that big.


DeDeandMatt said...

love the pictures.. Especially Harold diapering the fake baby. Oh what fun the diapers are for the guys! babysitting all those years gives us the edge.

Sherry said...

Excuse me, why do you have a wrong color baby???????? That one is too dark and you know it!And BTW -- HHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA on the belly! I wish he'd wear it to SS!!! :D