Monday, June 2, 2008

just when...

i think i can't possibly get any larger...i do. 38 weeks. 12 days till the 'first' due date. we'll see. i realize this isn't the most flattering picture, but you can fully appreciate the size of that belly at this angle. lovely, huh. i walked around the mall this afternoon for a hour hoping to get things moving. we'll see. harold's heart drops every time his phone rings. he is anxiously waiting for the 'it's time' call. maybe it will be this week. we'll see.
nevertheless, all is good and by the time she gets here, our guests should be able to eat off the floor. i cannot sit still so finding something to clean is a daily occurence. speaking of which, i'm off to clean the fridge out. ya'll have a good one. maybe she'll come tonight. we'll see.


Sherry said...

Oh thank you Heather! You just made my day -- I love you!

Seriously, that is the most beautiful belly ever! I'd kill for that belly skin!

PS - is it possible to lock you in my house while you are in nesting mode???


Anonymous said...

I hope that she will wait until the birthday...You, my friend, are beautiful! We in Auburn can't wait! Love to all 3 of you!
Cindy B