Saturday, July 19, 2008

Does your diaper hang low?

Does it wobble to and fro???

After Georgia ate this afternoon I put her down on the floor gym to play for a little while. She is beginning to love it and kicks her legs with excitement as she visits with the animals hanging over her. After about 10 minutes I realized that her diaper looked low. I had just changed her so I knew it wasn't full so I turned her to the side a bit only to realize that all that kicking and such had wiggled her diaper down. Now that is some good playin'...

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Sherry said...

hey girl! I miss my SS!!! I love the butt-crack!!! I couldn't have glued Mark's on!! It's a terrible disease called nobunsattall!Hey, I have a question. More like a favor. Do you have a pretty summery maternity dress that you'd be willing to lend out? My brother's girlfriend is having her shower this sat and she is having trouble fitting into anything. I told her I'd ask!