Sunday, July 20, 2008

Party Time...

Happy Birthday Cissy...I hope you are having a good day. Mommy made a birthday hat for me to wear for your birthday but it was not my favorite. So...I pitched a fit.

You know how hard headed Mommy is and she kept trying to get a picture of me smiling with your party hat on but the silly thing wouldn't stay on. We tried for a little while and then I got sleepy so...maybe we'll try again after my nap. Otherwise, I'll see you Friday and we'll celebrate then. Party hat and all! I love you!



Sherry said...

Gigi, baby. If your momma is gonna cause you that kind of strife, you can come live with Mrs Sherry! I love you!!!

Cissy said...

Georgia, Thank you so much for posing so sweetly for my birthday. I will treasure this picture for years to come, maybe even embarass you with it. We are SO excited about your visit this weekend. Chief and I have big plans, tell Mommy and Daddy to make their own. See you then...All our kisses,Cissy and Chief