Monday, August 11, 2008

2 Months Old

wow time is flying by. georgia is growing and growing each day. she has found her voice. that is good and bad :) seriously though, she is starting to coo and 'talk' more each day. she can hold her head up so well and has started really focusing on what she is looking at. she still hates getting her diaper changed but LOVES bath time and a good song made up by her daddy. and she is almost sleeping through the night. last night was almost 7 hours. i'll take it. tomorrow is her 2 month check-up and first round of shots. ugh. not looking forward to that part. last monday she was 11 lbs 4 ozs so i'm anxious to see her length and weight this week. here's some pictures to enjoy. such a big girl :) these are my favorites pj's
her new tub... she had to upgrade from the newborn tub :(

and a conversation with the big blue elephant. we only do elephants in our house if they are orange and blue :)

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