Wednesday, August 6, 2008


In two weeks, my dear friend Dede will start keeping Georgia twice a week while I work. I cannot tell you how fortunate we are to have her care for our baby girl. She has a 6 month old, Avery, and today we went over for a few hours to let Georgia nap there...etc. We thought it might be good for her to get used to the place and plus I always look for any excuse to spend some time with Dede. So here's how the first introduction went...

"Hey little baby...I'm digging that paci..."
"I only get mine at nap time so.....I'm thinkin' I might want yours..."
"Yeah...I'm thinkin' I want a paci now too.....So I'll just take yours okay."
"Hey, ain't gotta pitch a fit about it. It's JUST a paci"
And there you have it. Georgia got punk'd by Avery.
Seriously though, Avery is made of the stuff angels are and I am so thankful that Georgia will have her to learn from. Thank you Dede for loving me AND my baby girl!


Sherry said...

now that is just downright precious!!!!!!

DeDeandMatt said...

oh what fun is in store for all of us! We are going to have great times.