Sunday, August 24, 2008

Where, O Where

does the time go???

This past week was a big week for us. I would say it was a big week for Georgia, but she is completely adaptable, it is me that has a hard time :) So here's an update of what's going on at the Goss household:

On Monday, Harold went back to work after being home since Georgia was born. The time we three got to spend together will forever be special. I could try to explain the blessing that man is to me but there are no words in my vocabulary that I feel worthy to describe my love for him. And now we wait with anticipation each afternoon for his presence to fill this house and his kisses to calm our hearts.

Tuesday & Thursday, Georgia started 'big girl school' for the first time. I keep calling her two days spent with Dede school because Dede is so amazing to put her down for tummy time, read & sing to her, encourage her to hold the rattle, and all other kinds of constructive things. Anyway, I asked Georgia about her first day Tuesday night during bath time and she had lots of good to say. She was smiling the whole time she was 'talking' so I know it's all good. Plus, Dede would text me lots throughout the day to let me know what's going on with my girl. I cannot tell you how much that helped...Thank you Dede, you know I got lots of love for you :)

And today was her first trip to the church nursery. It is incredibly hard to leave your child with strangers, especially when they have to feed her, but it was so nice to be able to worship with Harold and focus on others without worrying about her beside me. The caretakers did a great job of course and she was just fine. I admit though, I did check the beeper they gave me about 100 times to make sure it was still on :)

And a few random facts...Georgia is sleeping 8 hours each night now. 10pm - 6am. She will wake sometimes for her paci around 4-5ish but goes right back down. Big girl. Mighty big girl. She is 2 months 2 weeks old but is outgrowing her 3-6month onesies. Tall girl. Mighty tall girl. Her eyes are still bluish, and her hair is turning a lighter brown. Pretty girl. Mighty pretty girl.

And she loves me in a special way. I can feel it. So me...Lucky girl. Mighty lucky girl.


Sherry said...

You make my heart so happy with how precious you are.

Ford Family said...

Hey Heather--I stumbled across your blog and of course I love it--You are such a inspiration and just so crafty...Your sweet little Georgia is just beautiful!! I miss you being here in Auburn--You are the best invitation maker around & I can never find anything as cute as you made for Mackenzie's parties! (although I know I drove you slap crazy-HA!) I love the little things you made with felt and wish that you would post a tutorial on how to make bows and shirts or email me--I want to try my hand at them, but know that they will never be quiet as cute as yours..or maybe that could be a new biz for you?? You are way too talented!! Shea Ford
my email address is