Thursday, September 25, 2008

the fair is in town and...

i secretly want to go. nevermind the rides...nevermind the fact that i'm hanging on to more baby pounds than i'd like to admit...i want a funnel cake and a caramel apple. however, taking a 14 week old to the germ infested fair isn't an option, so i quickly got over it. fast foward till today and i was browsing online during georgia's naptime and found this on a random blog and thought i'd if you're around our house anytime soon, stop by. these will most likely be hanging around ;)

mini caramel apples

1) Wash and peel a large, fairly tart apple like Granny Smith. Using a melon baller, extract balls of apple. A large apple will yield about 6 balls (plus scraps for you to snack on). Place in a bowl and sprinkle with lemon juice.
2) Prepare a dipping station. You can use mini cupcake papers (as shown above) and lollipop sticks. In addition to a bowl of warmed caramel apple dip, you may want to add chopped nuts, m&ms or sprinkles.
3) Carefully spear each ball of apple through the ROUND end (not the part with the skin). Keep the flat end on the bottom, so they stand upright. Using a paper towel, blot off the excess lemon juice. This is important- if the apple has too much juice left on it, the caramel won't stick.
4) Dip the apple in the caramel, using a twirling motion to coat it evenly.
5) Transfer the apple to the nuts and roll, using a gentler twirling motion.
6) Stand the apples upright in the cups and let them chill in the fridge to solidify.


Sherry said...

Guess who is going my blog very soon

Sherry said...

Ahem, now how long have you been sitting on this information, missy!!!?!?!

Rebecca said...

I am SO making these this Fall! :) YAY!