Saturday, September 6, 2008

for mrs. dede...

mrs dede...i love you and i'm so glad my mommy brings me to you. i been singing about you...tell avery i love her even when she takes my paci and i'll see you monday.


p pie

*oh and excuse mommy's & daddy's baby's kinda silly but i like it :)


DeDeandMatt said...

ohhhh, we love you too and yes, we do sing at "big girl school"... And Avery has been working on being gentle with her hands so she can touch your face like a sweet girl. We can't wait to see you. You are so sweet Georgia and that is because an awesome BIG AMAZING God gave you to your Mommy and Daddy who love you bunches.

Sherry said...

OHOHOOHOHOHHHHHH! Excuse me for getting in the middle, but that was PRECIOUS!! And I can testify that Mrs. Dede LOVES that baby! I hear her sweet little-ness anytime I call over!

And, can Harold be any more adorable? I hear him in the background, and seriously - PRECIOUS! Little girls will do it, huh?

Thank you so much for the clothes, my girlfriend (who, if you'll remember, I told you was NOT getting preggo...) was so thankful!

Sherry said...

Oh no, I accidentally deleted your comment!! :(

Jeff & Michelle Fox said...

I have sat here and now watched this video five times--FIVE. Ya'll please just give me that sweet baby.

Aunt Shell