Sunday, September 14, 2008

leg warmers, birthday wishes and a super hero

g. marie will be 14 weeks old wednesday. my how time flies. the more attentive she becomes, the more concerned i become that she will not recognize her own name. seems that each week brings a new nickname and surely that will cause confusion for that little mind, but alas we will continue with the endearing names that come so easily to us... speaking of endearing...i missed the whole leg-warmer fad in the 80's but it is back and i am loving it. for georgia of course. here is her new pair...
these could become a serious addition. i love them. the way that roll at the top of her thigh spills out of that leg-warmer is just about all i can bear. uh, so yummy.
update...georgia is quite the vocal child. lots to say. lots and lots of opinion. i adore it really. she is my child for sure. did i mention she has lots to say. AND she loves sleep. last night was a record for her. almost 11 hours straight. woke up for breakfast and wanted a nap. she is my child for sure.

and somebody very special turned 4 years old this month...
her party was friday night at the gymnastics place and leotards and smiles were in order.

and just what would a party be without a big sister to help make those birthday wishes and a super hero brother???
happy birthday again walker j. hope all those sweet wishes come true!


Sherry said...

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Sherry said...

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Shannon said... don't know me but I am Michelle Fox's sister-in-law...I am married to Jeff's brother Kris, hope you don't mind me commenting but I just want to tell you that your little one is sooo cute! I saw your site on Michelle's blog and thought I would peek...again hope you don't mind! Little girls are so fun...ours is 6 months! Come check us out anytime!