Tuesday, October 14, 2008

4 month update

Georgia had her 4 month appointment on Monday. All is well and we have a very healthy baby. What a blessing. Here's her stats and a couple of fun updates:
*She weighs 14lbs 12ozs and is 24.5 inches tall
*She has started to roll over from front to back. It still scares her when she does it though :)
*She has graduated to the big girl stroller and no longer has to be carted around in the travel system monster.
*She is sleeping 12 hours. 7am -7pm. And so are we!
*Everything she can grasp goes in her mouth.
*She is eating solids now and doing well. So far she's had rice cereal (which she hates), peaches and apples.
*She is down to 2 - 2 hour naps and one cat nap a day.

And as I type she is waking from her afternoon nap so I must cut it short. It's time for peaches and some fresh air....


DeDeandMatt said...

It just goes by way tooo fast. She is such a cutie in this picture. We can't wait to see her next week.

Sherry said...

I love peaches. I have an ENTIRE sack of pears here should you want to pouch them and puree. Just a though. Love the new pic BTW, it is WONDERFUL!

Anonymous said...

this is one of my favorites she is too cute!!!LoveD