Wednesday, October 1, 2008

georgia on my mind...

for the first time, i'm not referring to 'my' georgia. harold and i are leaving tonight headed to auburn to drop off georgia, then off to savannah for a few days. he has work to do and i'm tagging along. i am excited to spend a couple of days alone with my sweet husband and look forward to some alone time as well while he's at the conference. my parents are just as excited to spend some time with georgia and while i know she'll be in good hands, i am already missing her...i think she inherited her daddy's bald gene...whatcha think?her eyelashes have started to really grow and her eyes are turning hazel. you can see the color in this picture as well as those chubby cheeks that i love to kiss.
look hands! this picture is my new favorite. when i downloaded this picture i suddenly realized that she is outgrowing the newborn stage and starting to look like a baby girl. and a very pretty one at that.
and this one...her daddy had just walked in from work. this was the greeting he got. priceless.

ya'll have a good week/weekend. and if you're so inclined...send a prayer up for my anxious heart :) love from bham...


jennyhope said...

I so love little GiGi!!
Hey I can't remember the deal on those seats like the one she is in but I remember there was a recall on them at one point. I can't remember the name of the seat or I would google it. I know you are probably on the up and up on that.
I hope you have a great time!! Happy Birthday!!

Sherry said...

HAPPY Birthday wonderful friend!!!!!!!

I hope that it was wonderful!!! I love those cheeks on your baby girl!! She is precious!