Sunday, November 30, 2008

4 days, 3 states and 1 special holiday...

What a wonderful week it's been. We got to visit with both sets of family. From Alabama, through Georgia and on to South Carolina, we were a traveling bunch. 12 hours in the car in 4 days. phew. But lots of good times and even more memories. So in no particular order, here's a glipse of the last days...

Georgia has become quite the kisser lately. And what I love is that she pulls you in as tight as she can, opens wide and lays it on you in sheer delight. Here's the proof, 3 times over...

Good stuff, huh. Grandma thinks so too.

And she is sitting up like a pro now. She runs into some balance problems when she gets excited and starts reaching for things, but that's what protective cousins are for :)

And drool seems to be a wardrobe staple these days.

Georgia got to meet my aunt Dot (or 'Honey' as she is called) over the break. She has always been so sweet to me and loved me in a special way so I couldn't wait for her to meet my little girl. Cancer may take her life, but it won't take her legacy.

Hope all of you had a Happy Thanksgiving. We are in full decoration mode this week for Christmas. Lots of fun stuff to come...

And lastly...Georgia watched with us in disbelief as the Tigers went scoreless against the Tide.

Well, War Eagle anyway. It's STILL great to be an Auburn Tiger!!!


Alicia said...

It was so good to see you again. Georgia is beautiful! I know you are a proud mom! I will be e-mailing you soon about Photoshop.


Anonymous said...

Heather thank you so much for coming to South Carolina it was great to have a family outing like that I do not think we have had one quite that big since Jamie's militay days at your house in Ala. I know that you do realize how much it meant to Honey for you to come and see her, and you are correct we will have her legacy for a years to come!! Your little one was just beautiful and soooo good! You and Harold are going to be great parents. Are you sure you don't want to follow in your brothers foot steps and have about three more!!
We love you
Aunt Debra