Saturday, November 8, 2008

Weekend Pics

this is my new favorite picture. look closely and you'll see that one curl sitting atop that pretty head. and somebody is starting to sit up...she can do it propped up for a while and a few seconds on her own.
oh and she also has discovered her feet (which she has become obsessed with)
and if i may brag a bit...i made this dress for her this weekend. it took a white tshirt, a 1/4 yard of fabric and some ric-rac. i paid 3.50 for the tshirt at walmart and even less for the fabric! anyway, i cut the tshirt in half...put a loose stitch in the fabric to ruffle the top, then matched them up inside out and sewed them together. the whole thing took less than an hour. i'm going to monogram or applique something on the tshirt part to complete it and then start on another one. well actually, i need to address the massive pile of laundry you see here on the bed behind her and then i'll start another one;)

ya'll have a good week. love from bham.


Ford Family said...

Could she get any cuter and could you get any craftier?? :)

Sherry said...

Oh, I am going to have to try this!! TOO cute!

Carey and Nathan said...

Heather, she is just so PRETTY! What a sweet girl. And will you be taking orders for these adorable dresses, assuming our little one is a girl?? :)

Anonymous said...

Heather you should go in business I will give you to orders on those dresses you did a great job girl, you are truely blessed. I have enjoyed your blog so much, thanks for introducing it to my daughter in law.LoveDebra