Thursday, December 18, 2008

an early present...

harold and i will be married 5 years as of tomorrow. this is always a special time of year but this year seemed extra sweet having Georgia to help us celebrate. i wanted to do something really great for him this year. he so deserves it. he is great beyond words. inside and out. great in ways that still overwhelm me. in ways that still capture my heart by surprise. i tell georgia everyday that we are two very lucky girls to have such a man rule our hearts and home. so as i thought about what would mean the most to him i realized that she and i mean the most to him. ask him and he'd tell you the same. his two girls. he means that and i know it. so georgia and i spend the afternoon talking and laughing about the man we love most. and it just so happens that is was caught on film ;)
those are just a few. he has the whole disk to himself with the others and loves it as much as i imagined. i hope georgia finds a man that will love her like her daddy loves me one day. i pray for that continually. what a gift from God marriage is.

happy anniversary baby. i sure do love you.


Sherry said...

Oh, girl, you are right. These are beautiful! I love the one of you holding her up to your face.Harold is lucky, too, honey. I pray for my baby boy a wife as loving and committed and beautiful as you.

Chief and Cissy said...

I have to say Harold is the luckiest guy in the world!!! Only God could bless him with TWO beautiful women in his life. Thank you Lord that they are all in our life too.Happy Anniversary...We love you!