Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Days

This weekend, Georgia experienced her very first birthday party. Her sweet friend, Maggie Rose, turned a year old on Saturday. Her mom, Heather and I are good friends so of course Maggie and Georgia are good friends too ya know. Here is the birthday girl...

Poor thing wasn't too excited about 30 something grown ups standing over her screaming 'Happy Birthday'. I can't say I blame her. The butter cream icing seemed to help for a bit though. Georgia would have had her first taste but nap time came before the cake was cut. Shucks. Next time you'll get some p pie.

And the other part of the trio was there too, Sarah Avery (dede's little girl). Georgia could not keep her hands off her.
She was grabbing face and neck and anything else. I gotta teach that girl some tact. She has zero!
And this weekend we prepared to go cut down our Christmas tree, but plans were changed (see below) and we just hung around in our Christmas jammies all day. Well Georgia did...Fat chance getting Harold in candy cane striped jammies ;)
And speaking of trees...looks like this is all we're getting this year.
When we pulled out some of the garland & wreaths that we had that were green and tree-like, Georgia freaked out. She would not touch it and if she got near it, she started grabbing on to me and crying. She was honestly scared to death of anything tree-like. I tried several times, thinking that she was just tired or hungry or whatever and got the same response each time. So no tree for us this year. Which is totally fine with us. At least she's okay with the nativity scene. We'd have some serious issues if that freaked her out!!!!!!!!
Enjoy the week. Love from Bham...

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