Sunday, December 14, 2008

Saturday morning when i went to get Georgia out of bed her left eye (and a little of her mouth) was drooping considerably. I fed her and called the nurse. She paged the doctor who told us to take her straight to Children's Hospital. We spent the morning there and after two doctors and lots of consultation on their part, we still don't know what happened. They were concerned it was something called Bell's Palsy, but she improved as the day went on which ruled that out. So we are keeping an eye on her and prayerful that nothing is/was wrong. Here's a picture of her from last night. You can see her left eye still isn't opened all the way, but it is a big improvement from yesterday morning...
Nevertheless, she is her ole' happy self which gives us great comfort. There are no words to describe the feelings I had yesterday so I won't even try. But God is faithful to comfort.
Actually the ONLY comfort at times like those. I bought her some blocks the other day and she has no use for them. The bag they came in on the other hand has provided much entertainment.
And much distress...

All I did was take it for a second to try and get a picture. Gracious. She used to forget about things when they weren't in her view. Uh, not anymore. We gotta work on that baby's heart condition.

Hope ya'll have a good week. Pray for us. God hears them and they matter!

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Sherry said...

That same kinda thing happened to E. She got a bug bite, but we never could figure out what bit her. just that it was swollen and made her little eye kinda do that. I am glad its better.

stop taking that baby's toys!!!!!!!!