Monday, January 19, 2009

ice ice baby...

school was out yesterday and harold was at home willing to babysit so i asked maggie if she'd spend some time with me. you'd be amazed at how fast a 7 year old's calender fills up so i was super excited when she agreed to spare me a few hours.
i had a big surprise in store for her. i was taking her ice skating (for the first time) as you can imagine the excitement built quickly and the skates were on even quicker!maggie checking out the competition before she takes off. all by herself. she was a great sport.
(and can you please notice that i obviously am skating backwards to shoot this picture. yes on ice skates. impressed? ) she meant to do this. really she did. and so did i. so if you were impressed, don't be.

we had such a fun time together. i haven't gotten to spend much time with her since georgia was born so it really was a treat for us both. she was the first baby girl in my life and i hope she will grow to understand just how special that makes her to me.

now i've gotta think of 2 more surprise dates just as fun for max & walker. any suggestions?

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