Friday, January 2, 2009

Isn't it ironic...

i haven't eaten meat/eggs/milk in over 3 months. i'll spare you the details but those things aren't part of my diet anymore. period. and thank goodness my husband is supportive because he has been eating whatever i cook sans meat. i've offered to prepare different things for him but he's okay with just eating what i cook. so none of those things have been in the house for months. so now the ironic part.

got a call from children's a bit ago. georgia's problem has been diagnosed. salmonella. yep, the bacteria that comes from raw meat/eggs. now where in the WORLD did she get that? turns out it could have been from anywhere and thank goodness it's treatable with some antibiotics so all is well, but gee the irony of it.

so we've already started her on the antibiotics and she's taking a nap. i'm off to google to find ways to feed her growing body in the coming years without having to give her milk/meat/eggs ;)

ya'll have a good one...

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