Tuesday, January 20, 2009

tag...i'm it.

got tagged by shea. so here you go. 10 HONEST things about me.

1. i have an incredible memory. mostly regarding meaningless details like what i wore the first day of 4th grade or the kind of juice my grandma rose had at her house when i was little or a phone number i dialed weeks ago. i am especially good at remembering songs and scripture.

2. this coat-tails #1, but i also have a knack for details. like i immediately notice if the walls in a house aren't straight. or if the moulding is crooked. or the sewing job is bad. not in a snobby way though. i just appreciate fine details. like the stitching on a vintage monogrammed towel. or how deep the imprint is on a piece of letterpress stationery. or the hemstitch in our sheets. i love details and really do subscribe to you pay for what you get (most of the time)

*however, at this very moment i type this, my lamp shades in our bedroom are crooked. i am staring at a deformed wall in our hallway and our towels have stains on them. so please...again...noticing perfect little things doesn't mean my house is full of them!

3. i waste time. but won't waste any explaining. i just waste time.

4. i hate wet bathmats. even as much as i love my husband, i cannot STAND to step on our bathmat when it is wet from his shower feet. that goes for all people. i will share my drink. i will share my coat. i would even share my toothbrush (i would i would). but not a bathmat. and if i am somewhere and it is wet, i will put my clean/dry towel down and step on it rather than drying off with it.

5. i worry too much. and way way too much about stuff i have no control over. but about other stuff too that i can control like my weight. i should just lose it and stop worrying. but i choose to worry about the way i look instead. ugh. (white washed tomb here speaking - matthew 23:27)

6. before spring break my senior year in high school i got a pedicure to match my bathing suit which was florescent orange AND i even got diamond rhinestones across my big toe. i know i know...(hanging head in shame)

7. before georgia was here i wondered how 'hard' it would be to raise a bi-racial child. i still wonder sometimes, but harold has made me realize that her heritage is not black or white. her heritage is in jesus christ and as long as we spend our days teaching her to identify herself in that way there is no need for worry. still doesn't mean that it will always be easy for her (is it easy for anyone really), nevertheless i am committed to doing the very best i can to give her a foundation that is rock solid. and that is jesus.

8. steak used to be my favorite food.

9. i have a degree in finance. had dreams of wall street in a power suit. and when i left that world 4 years ago, i haven't looked back. as i type this i have on yoga pants, a t-shirt still damp from spit-up and haven't brushed my teeth yet this morning. or washed my hair. and there is no other place i'd rather be.

10. i love to blog. yes there are other things i need to be doing around the house right now, but i really love keeping this blog up and sharing our live with our friends and family. and obviously strangers because we put a counter at the bottom of the blog and there has been over 500 visitors since Monday. interesting eh?

and 10 1/2. regarding #6...now that i think about it, i might have had them on my nails too. shame shame.

okay, i tag dede...summer...amanda...and heather (which will be a while...hee hee)