Wednesday, February 11, 2009

the great '8'

baby g is 8 months old today. it just keeps getting better and better. she has some sort of fever virus right now but besides that (that being the fussiness, crankiness and clingy-ness) she is still up to her usual shenanigans. so here's what 8 months old looks like at the goss house:

she is fully sippy-cup trained and loving it!
she gets water with a splash of juice for her snacks and is down to three meals (bottles & solids) and 2 snacks a day...

she loves feeding herself and has gotten great at picking up her small pieces but we're still having the conversation about which way the spoon works best.
and some other random facts:
she is still sleeping 11-12 hours a night
and naps. whatever. who knows.
she weighes a tad over 20 lbs
and a tad under 30 inches
her eyes are hazel and hair wavy & light
and if the last post didn't give enough insight into the fun we're having around here, here is some more with a 101.6 fever....
what a sport. practicing her pushups despite the sickness. we keep telling her she'll have to have a scholarship if she wants to go anywhere besides Samford, so i guess she's got her eyes on somewhere else (war eagle!)

and lots of peek-a-boo playing around here...

and making sure every last sock is dumped out of the basket 147 times a day...

and this...okay i so did not stage this picture. promise. she was trying to crawl her little self over this lamb and decided she'd just have a seat. then she realized it was kinda neat sitting up there. i was cracking up.
so there is 8 months at our house. have a good week.
love from bham...fever and all :)


Julee H. Nappier said...

I agree! 8 is great! Kimbell is 8 right now and I'm enjoying it as much as when he was 8 never stop thinking they're adorable you know!(:

Sherry said...

Heather, how precious is that??? I love it!! Even though we all know you staged it...

Thank you for being such living example of 1 Thesselonians 5:11. I love you!