Saturday, February 7, 2009

todays score: gmarie 1 us 0

okay. i have a confession. we got whupped today. not just whipped. whupped. my baby has ZERO concept of what a restful Sabbath day means. harold and i take turns going to church each sunday while the other stays home with her. (we can't take her to the church nursery because she is still shedding salmonella - will get to that later) anyway, she is teething. and busy. and dropping a nap. been crawling for one week and deciding that she'd rather stand and play then sit and play. and well...see for yourself.

standing to read her book.

standing to get her toys

standing to play her piano.

now mind you that she still has no concept of balance either so this standing business can be quite a problem if quick hands aren't near by to break the fall. but i must admit, after 87 times i was ready to move her on to something else. so it was time for a train ride.
this usually is the highlight of her day. i pull her up and down the hall on this little train and we wave and make sounds and carry on which usually produces lots of smiles and laughs, but today she was so unimpressed with my gimmicks. that isn't obvious huh?!
so after all this 'busy-ness' i thought she might be ready for nap. i was wrong. she has slept a total of 45 minutes today. yes i said 45 minutes. i tried to put her down twice. here she is praying i don't try for a 3rd time...
"please don't let mommy put me down. please don't let mommy put me down"
and just in time her daddy returned home and we went for a MUCH NEEDED walk. a very very long one at that. she had her hat to keep the sun out and her paci to keep the whines in :)
so there you have it. a day in the life. this sums it up pretty well...
have a good week everyone. we certainly will. naps or not.
*oh and another confession...she's been asleep for about an hour and i already miss her.


DeDeandMatt said...

awww. so sweet of a mommy you are and I love your last little comment. That is what it is all about. Regardless of what they do. Thats the way the LORD loves us. SOOOO beautiful. So, I can't wait to get her on Tues. We will have plenty for her busy little self. And other gorgeous babies for her to look at and touch!

Cindy said...

Sweet G Marie! We are all loving on her from a distance.

Julee H. Nappier said...

She is a cutie! Just wait it gets MORE fun!(:

Sherry said...

I told you that crawling could wait!! Tee hee! She is precious!