Monday, February 2, 2009

a very special birthday!

Sarah Avery celebrated her first birthday this weekend! She is one of Georgia's best friends (hee hee) and Dede, her mother, is one of mine. Or Ms. Dede rather. She and Sarah Avery took very good care of Georgia when I was working last year. So anyway, it was a very special day for a very special little girl...
Happy Birthday Sarah Avery. We love you. Muuuaaahhh!!!!!

*And i just have to post this because it is so darn funny. Here's Sarah Avery, Georgia & Maggie. Sarah Avery is 12 months & Maggie is 14 months. And well Georgia? Not even 8 months and please look at her size compared to her friends. I love it!!!!!!!

**(And please notice also, how very busy my child is.) **

Fun times!?!


DeDeandMatt said...

love those pics... Look at the grip that I have on your baby! She was wiggling all over. Heather, we are gonna have lots of fun with these youngins

Sherry said...