Friday, March 6, 2009


is it beautiful outside today or what?!?

g. marie is working on her nap and as soon as she awakens we are headed outside for some sunlight and exercise. i will start teaching aerobics again the first of april so that leaves me exactly 3 weeks to get back in shape (which might be hard considering i haven't done anything but walk in 15 months) but the thought of embarrassment is a good motivator :)

not much going on here this week. harold still fighting whatever crud he has. thankfully we've managed to dodge it. nothing planned this weekend except some work for me. we're all looking forward to some much needed down time.
the other day harold and i were discussing something we'd read in the book of John and georgia decided to look up some commentary to aide in our discussion. (no, no, i did not stage this picture)

never mind that she ripped the whole table of contents out of harold's bible before we realized what was happening. just a better reason to have it memorized, right? who needs a reference guide...

and her new thing is throwing all the paci's out of her crib before her nap. see...

i put several in the bed with her and all but one make it to the floor several times a day. she ain't letting go of the one in her mouth though. she knows better than that.

a few of my friends have asked lately for vegetarian recipes. and a few of our friends have remarked that 'there's no WAY that could live without meat'. to which i answer 'you'd be surprised' and leave it at that. so anyway, once a week i'm going to post a recipe from our kitchen. you have to be creative when eliminating meat, but there are so many flavors that do more than pick up the slack. i encourage you to try just maybe one 'meat-free' meal every now and then. hopefully, you'll find yourself surprised as well. these recipes are tried and true and part of our menus week after week. i hope you'll enjoy. and if you have any of your own, please by all means, share with me.
hope it's warm where you are. love from bham...
(about these ********************* , they are subject breaks. got idea from another blog. neat huh)


Talia said...

I look forward to your recipes. I try to cook meatless at least once or twice a week, though it's more of a money save than a way of life.

Sherry said...

I love a meatless day once a week, too! I have my old cookbook I need to give you, although I never was able to use it cause I don't know cooking terms!!! :)

Where are you gonna be teachin' at girl????

Heather said...

Minde...let me know when you use a recipe. I'd love to know how it turns out.

Sherry...i'm teaching kickboxing and muscle pump at hunter street. i'll let you know what times when they are confirmed. they have childcare too while you work out.