Wednesday, April 15, 2009

busy has taken on new

busy has taken on new meaning. need i explain???

*edited to add:
i just looked up the word 'culprit' because i wanted to know the real meaning and now i kinda feel bad saying she's the culprit. while she is the one who opened the cabinets, oven drawer and pulled the sheets out of the laundry basket, she doesn't really know its wrong. she's just exploring. so she's not really the culprit okay. i don't have time to re-photoshop the picture but just pretend it says "here's my sweet baby girl who likes to do things that keep her mommy very very busy."


Alicia said...

I have misplaced your e-mail address.....sorry. My home address is 39 Pineview Drive Warrenville, S.C. 29851....looking forward to the tags :) Hope you all are doing well!

Sherry said...

I love your guts, you are so funnY!

ARRAY(0xadf3460) said...

Don't you blame that on my niece! She doesn't do stuff like that. LOL... oh that is good!