Tuesday, April 7, 2009

a good visit...

grandparents {on one side} have come and gone and now we are in auburn visiting {well harold is working, i'm visiting } the other side. what a week for georgia. and a welcomed break for us. her grandma came bearing gifts as usual and baby g didn't quite know what to do with the giant easter basket brought just for her...

i love the way the sun is shining in the window in the picture above. a great reminder of the one and only Son that this season is all about.

and do you know marvin k. mooney???

i didn't either. but apparently he's been around awhile because we have pictures of harold reading this book to his little brother so now georgia has a copy of her own that her daddy is more than happy to read to her. thank you grandma & grandpa.

and despite the cooold weather, i hope the Son {and the sun} is shining bright where you are. be back soon!

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