Thursday, April 2, 2009

i can't think of one...

this post has no title really. no theme either. just wanted to share some pictures from the last few days. spring has sprung and it's beautiful all around.

our azalea bushes are about to burst. and we have our first bloom of the season. {until georgia gets hold of it}

we spent some time at the park with friends yesterday and all the other kids could run and play so i decided to bring georgia's 'walker' so she wouldn't be ground bound. it was a great idea if i do say so myself. not too much longer baby girl...

and this. not my favorite. she has learned where her hair is and when you ask she goes up to it. but now she has started pulling on it. and her favorite time to do it is when she eats. which makes for a very messy baby. but at least she's learning. well, and smiling. so who really cares right?!

georgia had a very special visitor this week too. one of my dear, dear friends from college came from out of state to visit her for the first time. we had a great time. too good for it to end so soon. but she'll be back.
and she is so sweet that she decided to let me photograph her with bed head so georgia wouldn't be self-conscious about her bed head. now isn't that sweet?
{ya'll realize that i'm going to get it for posting that picture right? i intentionally left off her name and home town in hopes that she'll give me mercy. but really, she's an amazing, smart and BEAUTIFUL woman. when her hair is fixed. hee hee}
and finally. my new favorite picture. i could look at this picture for hours and never blink.

hope you all have a good weekend. grandparents are coming our way so i'm sure we will. love from bham...

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DeDeandMatt said...

I absolutely love the picture with her walker.. Look at that face.. oooohhh, luv luv luv it.