Thursday, April 23, 2009

some excitment...

we've almost got 'Touchdown Auburn' down pat. no worries though...i'll be sure to keep working on it.

and g. marie is getting better everyday at walking. yesterday she walked from our kitchen, through the dining room and into our living room. i can see her confidence and balance improving each day. she gets excited and starts walking fast which causes most of her falls but she's getting there. and of all the milestones so far {holding head up, sitting up, crawling, etc.} seeing her walk is BY FAR the most amazing and special. i guess because she's almost to the point of not needing me for transportation. she can get where she needs to be without me. she is able to explore her world on her own terms {and feet}. i think i'll feel the same when she learns to read. she will no longer require me, or anyone else, to give her information. she can seek it out for herself. again, the thought of that independence makes me excited. and i can feel God working in my heart to be able to rejoice at those things with happiness rather than sadness or fear. i can feel Him changing my role as a mother to be the shepherd that is required rather than than the fearful, worrisome & weak human i once was. no doubt it will be a process, but i will changed forever. i already am. not perfect...just changed.

this little silver angel sits on top of the bookcase in her room {i had to sneak it out...she's napping} but on the right wing it reads:
"A mother is not a person to lean upon, but a person to make leaning unnecessary."
if you are a mother you know how hard that is. or will be. but i pray for this often. i will fail her. disappoint her. hurt her. so my job is to do everything i can to move her towards independence and her own personal relationship with Christ. he will NEVER fail her. he will NEVER disappoint her. he will NEVER hurt her. so i'm rejoicing today that she getting steps closer to that. literally. and that makes me very very excited.


Emily said...

This is absolutely beautiful.

Emily said...

except for the "touchdown Auburn" part. =)

Anonymous said...

Read about this miracle when you have time.