Tuesday, May 26, 2009

our weekend away

we are just returning from a very special holiday weekend at the lake. so in no particular order...

the whole clan. all 17 of us.

it rained like crazy for the first 3 days so we had to find other things to keep us amused. wii rockband delivered. please notice harold's face during his 'roxanne' chorus AND that my sister had to take off her house slipper to play the drums. we are some serious about wii rockband!

then it was my brother's turn to take the mic. he sang a beastie boys hit. if you know my brother then you know why harold is laughing so hard he's crying.

and here's sweet walker ready to fish with her fleece one-piece pjs, her stuffed panda bear and leather flip flops. she makes me want to be 4 again.

and these two. busy busy. always up to something. just look at that face on my child.

and us
and here is kristie {my sister} and courtney {sister-in-law} and me {taking the picture} while we are stuck in the middle of the lake in the POURING rain. we kept trying to ski during the rain breaks, but we got caught in the middle of this one

not for long though. hello from yours truly :)
and have ya'll ever had pinch me cake? if not, the recipe is on the side. do yourself a favor and make it soon.
and don't yall play naked foosball around your house????

here are the night fishers. i am WAY too impatient for fished. plus the worms are gross and the fish stink.
but max on the other hand is quite the little pro. he caught a fish everyday we were there.

and georgia LOVED the water. loved it. it was freezing and she didn't care one bit. she stayed in this little float for a least an hour. would have stayed longer if i would've let her. i'm so glad she's not afraid of the water. that will make for very fun lake trips ahead.
and if pinch me cake wasn't enough {or the other 100 things we had to choose from} we made homemade ice cream too. but it was for a special occasion...

we just so happened to be celebrating my sister's 40th birthday too. happy bday dana!

3 of my favorite people
and another one of my favorites. on her first ever boat ride.
and getting lots of love from all her aunts

and is she not just the cutest thing ever. gosh.

so that's all folks. hope you enjoyed your weekend as well. be back soon.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't that the best weekend ever. We had so much fun and can't wait to do it again. Love, Kristie

Talia said...

Love the pictures, and the recipe.

Are you archiving the recipes anywhere? I would suggest making them into a post, too, which keeps them around and makes them searchable on the blog.

Sherry said...

I see someone is loosing weight!!! That arm is rockin'!

ANd that baby... Oh, that baby!

Joanna said...

I LOVED seeing all the pictures of your family!!! Makes me remember old times. Hope to see you when you come to Auburn so Prather and Georgia can play together :)