Tuesday, May 19, 2009

well hello...

remember us? we'll all here and doing great. our season is wrapping up at work so there is LOTS of work to be done right now AND spring is here so there is LOTS of playing to do as well. which leaves less and less time for inside activities {aka blogging} but bear with me. got some good stuff coming up :)

until then, enjoy the pics from the last days:

{lots of playing outside}

{notice the two top teeth breaking through}

{the neighborhood pool opens tomorrow. hooray! so we had a trial run }

{ silly glasses girl }

{bye bye for now. be back soon with recipes, crafts & more}


Julee H. Nappier said...

Lovin the froggy pool! So sweet!

Ford Family said...

Can't wait---don't forget we want to see b'day pics too! :)

Sherry said...

Oh, Oh, Oh, how I love that babe in a suit!