Thursday, May 21, 2009

yesterday was a good day...

on a time crunch again this morning but wanted to post about yesterday. georgia had her first trip to the zoo and her first trip to the pool {the real one}. don't have pool pics but thought i'd show you her favorite part of the zoo...the water feature in the children's area.
she looked for a long time debating whether or not she wanted to participate.

finally she got up the nerve and wondered over there to see what that water thing was all about.

she found out all right.
i had a soaking wet little baby on my hands. she just laughed and laughed and kept going back through. it was good times! the weather was perfect too. i wonder if Heaven will be 70 degrees, sunny with a slight breeze. surely right???
and to top the day off right...i had a first as well. see all this:

my friends dede and sherry use coupons and save TONS on groceries each week. and while i admired their effort i really didn't think i had the time/patience/energy to really get in to it. well...i'm a convert! last night in the checkout line my total was over 74.00. BUT using coupons and the publix bogo {buy one, get one free} i got all those groceries for 29.63! my savings were over 45 dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can you believe it? i still can't.

there are lots of websites that make it easy to coordinate the deals with coupons. one of them is another is

okay, i've spent 13 more minutes than i expected here so i gotta run. love from bham....


Sherry said...

You have re-won my heart.

Dana said...

Yup, couponing is great! A few other great sites are and A decent database and good source of free samples is I've gotten into the getting free samples through the mail - it's awesome to have something coming pretty much every week! What fun!

Julee H. Nappier said...

U go girl!

DeDeandMatt said...

that's our girl! It is worth the savings! Good job