Friday, June 26, 2009

a peculiar style...

georgia is peculiar. and funny too. i really am amazed at how much personality she already has. she is carefree and happy. well most days. but those days don't make for good blog material :)

no shirt. no shoes. no problem...sometimes it is just too darn hot for clothes!

but never too hot for floaties. indoor or out. she played this way for awhile.

oh and mardi gras beads. loves them.
{and kelly d. please take notice of the matching pjs. ahem.}

and of course...headbands.

have a good weekend. it's going to be a hot one. hope you got a pool near and your suit ready :)


Julee H. Nappier said...

Got my goodies! Woohoo! Love them! Thank you!!!

Kelly said...

I noticed the MATCHING pj's right away! Was so proud of you! She is so much like you it is scary! I can just hear you too having conversations! Would love to be a fly on your wall!