Wednesday, July 8, 2009

3 amigos

{maggie 19 months, sarah avery 17 months & georgia 13 months}

this picture is just so funny to me. you kinda have to know the personalities of all three girls to really 'get it'. but these babies are something. they love playing together as much as us moms do. heather and dede are two of my good friends here and it really has been a blessing that we all had girls around the same time. georgia is the youngest but who would ever know.

such a good girl to care about sunscreen. we gotta keep that golden brown skin beautiful you know...
and here is baby elvis. baby elvis with a watermelon grin at that. this child can eat her weight in watermelon {or any fruit for that matter} and just yesterday georgia starting saying 'hey sar sar'. meaning "hey sarah avery".

and sweet maggie rose. she ain't depending on sunscreen. she is some serious about keeping her porcelain skin beautiful. couldn't you just eat her right up???

well's going to be a hot one again today. grab your suit and join us if you'd like. the more the merrier.

love from the little amigo land...

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