Saturday, July 4, 2009

catching up : freedom

first things first...happy 4th to you all. hope everyone had a great holiday. we've been here and there over the last days and glad to be back home safely.

we headed to georgia to visit grandparents and while we were there harold and i decided to drive up to helen, georgia to have breakfast and walk around. it's about 45 minutes north of his parents house and well worth the drive. i think the drive there was more beautiful. the town sits between the mountains of north georgia and the scenery really shows its Creator off big time.

and the town was nice. it was re-built some decades ago to resemble an alpine village you might find in germany.

we ate breakfast at a nice german bakery and enjoyed walking in the shops. although i must admit that i'm not a big fan of souvenir type shops. fridge magnets and toe rings aren't my thing. and i'm not convinced that there are shops full of crocs and john deere shirts in germany, but i enjoyed strolling the town with my husband nevertheless. next time we go back it will be for this...

you can rent intertubes and 'tube' down the river that runs through the mountains. if i would have had a bathing suit near we would have spent the day here instead, but we'll be back again.

we made it home yesterday in time for some holiday fun around town and spent the afternoon watching watermelon races, eating and dusting the dirt off our feet.

it was a good day. or weekend really. now georgia is getting rocked to sleep by her daddy. i'm trying to catch ya'll up and then we are all headed to bed. {and it's only 6:53 p.m.}

one more thing though...

Galatians 5:1 says..."It is for freedom that Christ has set us free."

i have thought about that verse so much over these last days. many soldiers have given their lives to fight for and maintain our freedom in this country. and i have the utmost respect for all of them. my dad, my husband and his family are among them. but this weekend i kept thinking about One who gave His life for our ultimate freedom. and while we celebrate our independence as a country this weekend, if you are a believer, i hope you are celebrating as well your independence from bondage...from the things of this world...from lies...from the grave. it is for freedom. freedom. freedom. that Christ has set us free. i hope you let that captivate your heart. Christ did not set us free that we would be bound to anger. or affairs. or depression. or impurity. or drunkenness. we have freedom from those things. complete freedom. so if you are finding yourself unable to celebrate that 'freedom' this holiday, i urge you to get into His word and be reminded of what was fought for on your behalf.

the liberty bells are ringing. can you hear them?


DeDeandMatt said...

oh Helen! So, love the pic of you and her.. She is a doll

Anonymous said...

I just love Helen Ga. Glad you all had a great weekend. Hope to see you soon. Love you all. Aunt Kristie

Anonymous said...

This is the sweetest picture... She is lovin riding on her daddys shoulders :-) So sweet. I miss yall.Love,Aunt Shell