Wednesday, August 12, 2009

for Harold {and the rest of you}

hey know these pictures on the wall???

georgia kept wanting me to hold her so she could say 'hey dada' to your picture. everytime i put her back down, she said up...up...up...dada...dada...dada so i told her that you were at work and that was only a picture and she got upset.

so i took the picture off the wall {because you know how quick 25lbs gets too heavy} so she could see it and she snatched it out of my hands and onto the ground...

so she could have you all to herself and give you lots of love.

i imagine she's ready to see you. have a good day. and i love you too.


Kelly said...

That poor baby girl! That might just be the sweetest thing I have ever heard a 1 year old do! It breaks my heart she misses her dada that much! Heather, you should have put that sweet thing in the car and took her to see her daddy at work! Bless that baby's heart!! I hope she got over it and found something else to focus on because I know when they get stuck on something, it is hard to distract them! I know you and Georgia both are looking forward to Harold coming home from work today!

Anonymous said...

That is precious!! Love you all,

Anonymous said...

She was talkin to the piccture when we were there...remember! So precious! DeAnn