Monday, September 14, 2009

15 months old

don't you wish you were this cute with bed-head?

she was feeling good here last week. not so much today though. got a nasty ole' cold. even in her eyes. yuck. and with molars coming in and a round of shots today to add to it. not very fun for my girl. besides that we're's the 15 month update:

*33 inches tall & 26.8 lbs both are 95th percentile
*beginning to run
*still a great eater {obviously} but will not drink milk. will not.
*down to one nap a day. sometimes 1 hour. sometimes 3 hours.
*saying over 100 words regularly. will say more if i say it first.
*stringing two words together. mommy's shoes...daddy hot...etc
*still sleeping 12-13 hours a night
*eats just about anything we do. loves cheese pizza/ grilled cheese / oranges / nilla wafers
*love to climb. climb on anything.
*7 teeth and 2 molars coming now
*grabs our fingers and leads us to what she wants to do like take a bath...get her juice...go outside

and some fun stuff...

*when we pray she says amen the whole time. and when she points to her eyes when you are asking her body parts she always shuts them and says amen.
*she also says 'dutch' for truck and it enunciates it really well. it's quite funny.
*she says i-ya-u {i love you} every time i put her in her crib
*and no matter what i ask her like...what shape is this...what color is this...what animal is this...she says 'heart'. and she says it before you even get the sentence out. and so i ask her what the bible says about your heart and she says amen.

so there you go. too much info that you asked for i know but i like to look back so this is mostly for me to remember. i feel blessed. extra blessed today. amen.


DeDeandMatt said...

I heart her

Cindy said...


DeAnn said...

That very Vanilla Soy Milk is almost as good as ben and jerry's - yeah,really!!! Purple box...have heard the choco rocks but ca't go there. This is a precious post - love y'all ... bet she's napping today - hope you are too. D