Monday, September 28, 2009

nap time

this is how georgia was napping the other day. i wanted to re-position her but have learned my lesson way too manys times regarding that subject.

harold pointed out to me that georgia was without a shirt in all the pictures from the last post. i reminded him {and now telling you} that if your temp was 104 in the middle of an alabama september, you'd be topless too. well. at home at least.

on another note...we are still working on the living room/dining room re-do. it's coming along quite well and i'm having some good times trying to piece together everything on our budget. what is ironic is that 5 years ago we bought several pieces of furniture to coordinate with each other. not matchy matchy...just coordinate. and now i'm selling it all to replace it with a hodge podge mix. how things change huh. pics to come it get it all done first.

enjoy the weather. we sure are. love from the ham....

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