Thursday, October 15, 2009

this was my favorite picture

this was my favorite picture from the photo shoot a few weeks ago. i sure do love me some georgia marie.

i am still trying to figure out who pushed fast forward through this week. seriously, where in the world did T, W & TH go??? cissy and chief are coming to stay for a few days and then we are headed to a very, very special birthday next weekend which i am super excited about. i am working on getting my etsy shop {see right menu bar} up and going so i may be scarce around here but no love lost. just trying to be as close as a proverbs 31 woman as i can.

cuddle close this weekend. love from us all...


The Harper Family said...

LOVE this picture! it shows off those beautiful eyes!

Julee H. Nappier said...

Shes a beauty! Love her!