Sunday, November 1, 2009


i used to get highlights AND flat iron my hair in college which always made for some serious dryness. so one random night i thought it would be a good idea to try a mayonnaise conditioning treatment. i was broke, it was cheap and the results promised deep conditioning. so after using a half jar of duke's mayonnaise and wrapping my head in saran wrap, i patiently waited for the results. the only result was i didn't eat mayonnaise for several months after that night and sometimes in a really hot shower i would catch a faint whiff of duke's and it would make me gag.

{kelly d. i can hear you laughing right now}

so now some ten years later and i'm afraid that ranch dressing has met the same fate as well. i gave georgia some carrots sticks and a small bowl with ranch dressing over the weekend. it was to occupy her while i finished cooking. so while being 'occupied' i heard my sweet girl saying...'hat' 'hat' 'hat'. and sure 'nough she had made herself a hat from the bowl i had just given her. the bowl that was full of ranch dressing. that bowl.

i had to grab the camera and before i could get back to her she had taken her 'hat' off and resumed eating.

we headed straight to the bath after this and i explained to her that there are several other options for hats AND for conditioning treatments if she was concerned about her frizz. she was open to suggestions.

so happy monday y'all. and if i'm coming over for breakfast/lunch/dinner anytime soon, can you please leave ranch dressing off the menu. thank you.


DeDeandMatt said...

oh my... too funny

Kelly D said...

Okay (LOL!) I so remember you doing the mayo thing to your hair. You were ALWAYS up to trying something and I was always preparing to laugh cause I knew how it would turn out! This child of yours is more like you, Heather than you probably care for her to be. I can already tell and this is what I love about life. Seeing all the people I love have kids so I can continue on laughing cause payback is so hilarious to me! I think that is why I will never have kids! I would be in big trouble! I bet you just died when you realized what that sweet baby had done to herself. She sure does look cute though!!

Ginger said...

How is she JoJO feeling?Ginger