Tuesday, November 17, 2009

girls night in

if you've been around here long enough you've seen these three friends before. they are a tight little group and fortunately we were all able to get together the other afternoon to hang out....

{maggie, sarah avery & georgia}

well the afternoon turned to evening and we had 3 very hungry little girls so i put jojo in the high chair and we stacked phonebooks and stew pots in the chairs for the other girls so they could dine in as well. spagetti was on the menu so stripping down was necessary.

georgia had a great time. it took her 45 minutes to settle down after they left. she loves some company. can't blame her. i do too. really is there anything better than sharing a meal with the people you love? the last supper wasn't by chance. that is some good fellowship time :)

oh and just to be clear...the only people allowed to eat a meal topless in our house must weigh under 30 pounds. just to be clear.