Tuesday, November 10, 2009

taking charge...

hi. it's me jojo. my lovely mother can't get her act together long enough to get a post done so i'm taking charge. it just had to be done. i guess she's still on a sugar high from eating all the leftover candy. who knows what her deal is, but i got some business to share. i am a whole 17 months old today. and i'm every bit of 17 months i've been told too. here is what i'm up to {in case my mother should foget to write it down somewhere else...hee hee}

-1 nap a day. usually around 2-3 hours. if i get a bath and footed pajamas after lunch you can count on 3.
-love to run. love to climb. love to fall. and my mother doesn't love any of those.
-saying two and three words together like...mommy's car gas. daddy shirt work. jojo's hat. mommy's night night. and mommy's favorite is when i say 'hole u horsies'.
-love school. can name every kid and both teachers in my class. we go through the whole list every time i get picked up.
-love to sing. my favorite song is happy birthday. we sing happy birthday to lots of people everyday.
-love the word 'no'. enough said.
-have gotten myself out of a pack-n-play and tried to get out of crib.
-working on my colors and shapes. can pick them out when i feel like it.
-and my favorite is outside. from early in the morning till dark.

so there you go. thought i'd share all my 17 month old business with you. there are lots of other things too but this is about the good, great and better right ;)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your post JoJo. We sure miss it when we dont hear from you (or your mom) for a few days. Cindy