Sunday, November 22, 2009

turkey day at mdo

last friday we got to have a 'thanksgiving snack' with baby g at her mother's day out school. us parents waited in a different room for our little indians to arrive and when georgia came traipsing in with her headdress and gobble gobble shirt and it was just about all i could take.

i barely noticed the headdress because the puffy paint shirt 4 sizes too big was pushing me over the edge. have i mentioned before that i love a pre-school craft. okay good.

so the 'snack' was lovely and i'm pretty sure harold was more excited about it than georgia and i combined. the PTA should really be on alert for him in a few years. he is some serious about his baby girl.

i love this time of year. even more so now that we have a little indian to celebrate with. we're getting ready to head out for the holiday but hopefully we'll talk again.

gobble gobble from our little reservation...

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Gary and Summer said...

Precious! Happy Thanksgiving!