Tuesday, December 29, 2009

1 more time in 2009

well hello. i wasn't sure if i'd make it back here before the new year but since we aren't traveling, i thought i'd pop in and say hello. georgia has been sick so our plans have changed a bit, but no worries. she's fine now and family is traveling to see us instead which is nice. anyway, we have had a great holiday. my family was here for christmas eve and dinner was great {more on that later}. christmas day was nice too. we gave georgia a few gifts and just enjoyed being together. believe it or not, i didn't take one single picture. shame on me i know. was just too busy enjoying the company. and speaking of company, since we didn't make it to georgia after christmas too see other family, some have already come to see us...

this is harold's sister and her husband. we dont' get to see them much so it was nice to spend a little time with them. we're lobbying for them to move south when they finish school in oklahoma. i think georgia may be the deciding factor. she is in love with her uncle jeff and he's just as smitten. harold's parents are headed our way tomorrow so all we're missing is uncle tim who's already on a plane to arizona. guess we'll catch him next time.

anyway, since we've been holed up in the house all week i've tried to come up with some fun things to do like coloring...painting...crafts, etc. sounds good right? well. this is how it went...

me: georgia baby, you are supposed to color on the coloring book.
jojo: {silence} then 'o-tay'
me: but you didn't did you? what happened?

jojo: {silence again}
me: how did you get color on your face baby?
jojo: {silence and begins showing me how she got color on her face}

me: baby, that's yucky. let's not color on your face. put the markers up and we'll try again later.
jojo: {silence, then puts top on marker then says} 0-tay

she knew she was wrong for that. she's never that silent. so the next day we painted. by the time i reached for the camera it was already out of control...

she painted on every surface available...herself included. the paint said washable and it was. except out of fabric. so now she has a really 'decorated' sleeper. which is fine. and i have a really decorated washcloth. which is fine too.

and the funny thing is while i was taking pictures of her painting, harold was just looking at me like this...
this look means "are you really taking pictures of this? surely this isn't what you had in mind."
well, not much in life is what i had in mind my dear, but it sure is fun anyway. stains and all.

we have georgia's 18 month appointment this afternoon so more to come 'bout this big girl running around here.

hope you all had a very merry christmas. love from our very messy house :)


Anonymous said...

She is soooo sweet and it looks like you guys had a blast painting and coloring.. And I know you had a wonderful CDhristmas with the family. I am going to have to start blogging myself I have soo much i want to share but maybe I need to leave that to all of you Younger guys!! Happy New Year to you and preious family.We love yaLloyd and D

DeDeandMatt said...

looks like loads of fun to me.. And look at that sweet picture with her aunt and uncle. She was holding on to Jeff.

Sherry said...

To this day, you will not hand Lillian Florence a marker, paint brush or chalk without the majority of it going on her. she loves to paint herself. Mark gets one stroke on himself and demands to be cleaned. Ahhhhhhhhhh They are so different. Elle just eats it, as she does everything.